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Instructions for the AI Bible Games App

Welcome to the AI Bible Games app. This app features five games: Scripture Sessions (Adult Version), Scripture Sessions (Child Version), New Testament: The AI Experience (Adult Version), New Testament: The AI Experience (Child Version), and New Testament: Trivia Challenge. Follows are instructions for our games:

Scripture Sessions (Adult Version):
Dive into a unique, AI-driven adventure inspired by the verses of the New Testament. Unfold stories, engage in analysis, and embark on a personalized journey through Biblical times.

Gameplay Mechanics:
Duration: The game spans 12 turns, each centered around a carefully selected verse from the New Testament.
Content: Every turn offers a brief introduction, a narrative surrounding the verse, its analysis, an engaging discussion as well as a relevant Biblical image.

Player Choices**:
- Six choices every turn:
- Choice 1-3: AI-selected narrative choices advancing the story.
- Choice 4: A Biblical figure (Peter, Mary Magdalene, John, etc.).
- Choice 5: A Biblical location (Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, etc.).
- Choice 6: "Pick your own adventure. Type who you would like to meet, any question or request, or where you want to travel in the message bar."

Every turn ends with a selected Biblical Image.  Our free ad-supported version includes Scripture Sessions (Adult Version).

Our paid, ad-free version also includes:

Scripture Sessions (Child Version):
This version is a delightful adaptation of the adult version, specially crafted to engage younger audiences with age-appropriate stories, choices, and insights from the New Testament.

New Testament: The AI Experience (Adult and Child Versions):
Embark on a story-based exploration of the New Testament, as opposed to the verse-based narrative of Scripture Sessions.

New Testament: Trivia Challenge:
Test your knowledge of the New Testament with an engaging trivia challenge.

Game Conclusion:
Once you've completed the 12 turns, relish the captivating final images. We encourage you to replay and discover different narratives, insights, and experiences.

Printing: Document your unique journey! Click the 'Print to PDF' button located on the upper right corner to capture your game progress and decisions in a shareable format.
Beta Considerations: As an evolving beta version powered by a sophisticated Language Model, occasional glitches may arise, such as missing images or turn count discrepancies. Should you encounter such issues, simply restart the game, and it should function smoothly thereafter.

Game Versions and Features:

1. Free Version (Ad-Supported):
Experience the core gameplay of Scripture Sessions (Adult Version) without any costs.
This version is supported by ads, which are displayed at specific intervals to maintain the free access.

2. Premium Version (Ad-Free with Bonus Content):
Enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free experience with the Premium Version as well as 4 more games!
The Premium Version offers the adult and child versions of both Scripture Sessions and New Testament: The AI Experience, as well as access to New Testament: Trivia Challenge, making it a wholesome experience for the entire family.
Investing in the Premium Version not only enhances your experience but also allows you to explore the world of the New Testament with children, making it a wholesome experience for the entire family.

Engage With Us:
Your enjoyment and feedback are vital to us. Share your thoughts, suggestions, or any unique experiences you've had, and help us refine "New Testament: The AI Experience" for everyone.